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Renewal of your APP

A person may hold an APP for a two-year period then may renew the APP for one additional two-year period. The current APP renewal application packet (revised 3/15/2016) is available in two formats: 


For further information, also see Guidelines for Acceptable Trainings.

Renewal of your CPP

For individuals awarded a CPP, the credential remains in effect two years from the date of certification.  It may be renewed by a process designed to assist the CPP in maintaining and expanding competence.  


CPP credential holders are expected to submit their renewal materials prior to their expiration date. Refer to the Renewal Policy section below - go to the link for Renewal Requirements below to go to the webpage with details including the CPP renewal application that may be downloaded. The PSCBW will strive to send a reminder to the CPP credential holder at the CPP’s last known mailing or email address, 30-60 days prior to the expiration date of his/her certification. It is the responsibility of the CPP to notify the PSCBW in writing of any contact changes such as name, mailing address, email address and phone number. Lack of communication from the CPP about such changes could delay the renewal process.


Renewal Policy (every two years)


  • 40 Hours of Continuing Education in Prevention Topics

  • Criminal History Background Check

  • Current Renewal Fee

  • Pay by check or go to the Pay Online

page (a processing fee may apply).


For further information, please click on the following topic areas:


Please ensure your renewal packet is submitted to this address:


  PO Box 7172

  Spokane WA 99207-0172


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Extensions Policy


Any CPP wishing to acquire an extension to renew an expiring certification must present a request for extension to the Board in writing. A 30 day grace period may be allowed upon request. An additional 90 days (120 day extension from expiration of the certificate) may be granted at a cost of $50.


If an extension is not granted, the CPP certification will be considered lapsed and he/she will be removed from the roster of current CPP holders.  To regain certification, refer to the Recertification section for information about this application process.