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APP Renewal

The Associate Prevention Professional (APP) certificate can be renewed for one additional two-year period. APPs wanting to renew their APP status must show progress toward attaining the necessary “training” and “work experience” required to become a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP). Following a renewal, APP’s wishing to be certified in Washington State must apply for the CPP credential. However, APPs can submit an application to become a CPP at any time prior to renewal.


The APP is designed to support an applicant’s progress toward becoming a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) in Washington State. Before completing your renewal for APP, please consider your eligibility to apply to become a Certified Prevention Professional.

APP Renewal Application Packet (PDF)

APP Renewal Application Packet and Required Document Forms

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Extensions Policy


Any APP wishing to acquire an extension to renew an expiring certification must present a request for extension to the Board in writing. A 30-day grace period may be allowed upon request. An additional 90 days (120-day extension from expiration of the certificate) may be granted at a cost of $50.

If an extension is not granted, the APP certification will be considered lapsed and he/she will be removed from the roster of current APP holders. To regain certification, refer to the Recertification section for information about this application process.

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