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Guide to Reciprocity Through the International

Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC)





The Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) credential is offered by the Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW) to qualifying individuals. PSCBW is a Member Board of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).


An important aspect of this credential is reciprocity, which means that if you move to a different state or country which has membership in the IC&RC, your credential will be honored in your new location after documentation is provided. This credential has reciprocity in those states that have IC&RC Member Boards, which are most states in the US. Reciprocity is of particular significance in bordering states of Oregon or Idaho, as well as states in the Western Region, including California. In addition, the CPP credential has reciprocity in other countries, for example, Canada. Step-by-step instructions for reciprocity are included in the Reciprocity Application linked below.

Please contact your current member board to request the Application for Reciprocity which is for use when you want to change from one IC&RC member board to another one (e.g., moving to Washington and requesting change from the Oregon Board to the PSCBW; moving out of Washington and requesting change from the PSCBW to the Oregon Board).

For more information about IC&RC, please refer to their website at

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