Who We Are

The Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW) was established March 6, 2002 as a Washington State non-profit corporation and is a member board of the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). The PSCBW became a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(6) effective May 15, 2010.

As a professional trade board, the PSCBW conducts a peer review process for:  (a) certification of prevention professionals for the Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) and Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist (ICPS) credentials; (b) renewals of individuals who have obtained their CPP/ ICPS credentials; and (c) recertification for those who have had their CPP/ ICPS lapse but are interested in reapplying.

Current PSCBW members are:


  • Gunthild Sondhi, CPP, Co-President

  • Pamela Tindall, CPP, Co-President

  • Leanne Reid, CPP, Vice President

  • Jennifer Dorsett, CPP, Certification and Business Secretary

  • Kristi Sharpe, CPP, Treasurer

  • Margaret McCarthy, CPP

  • Liz Wilhelm, CPP

  • Sigrid Gauger, CPP

  • Joe Neigel, CPP


We are financially supported through member dues, contributions, training fees, and contracts (including the State of Washington Department of Health).
contact us with your questions, comments and concerns. Please also let us know if you are interested in serving on the board so we could discuss this further.
As a reminder to current Certified Prevention Professionals and Associate Prevention Professionals, please also keep us updated with your current contact information.

Improve your skills with job training and peer reviews from PSCBW. We have been a Washington State non-profit corporation since March 6, 2002. Our organization certifies, renews, and recertifies Certified Prevention Professionals (CPP) and Internationally Certified Prevention Specialist (ICPS) professionals. The PSCBW is one of 50 counties, U.S. states and territories, which issue the ICPS, created in 1994 and now one of the fastest-growing credentials in the field of addiction-related behavioral health care. 

Please Note:

The PSCBW does not provide credentialing for chemical dependency professionals in Washington State, only for prevention professionals, which is a separate field. There is not an IC&RC member board in Washington State that conducts certification of chemical dependency professionals or substance use disorder treatment professionals. Refer to the State of Washington Department of Health for more information.

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