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Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)


When documenting the number of CEHs completed from attending a conference, we are now requiring that individual keynote and workshop sessions with content descriptions be submitted along with the Record of CEHs Completed form. The Continuing Education (CEHs) Category Assignment Worksheet has been created to document these sessions attended and in what category they were placed. This form is listed on the Forms Master List page in each certification level section. Instructions for completing this form are found in the applicant's personal folder and also located on the Forms Master List page.

This procedure is repeated for each conference attended and must include the conference attendance certificate or letter, conference schedule with keynote and workshop sessions attended clearly circled or highlighted and the Continuing Education Category Assignment Worksheet.

Applicants will create a new subfolder within the Record of CEHs Completion folder for each conference. The instructions cover this procedure as well.

This procedure will significantly assist Board directors in reviewing applications expeditiously and determining that CEHs are placed in the correct CEHs category.

List of Current Acceptable CEHs:


Please refer to the following list (revised 1/14/2024), which shows samples of training and continuing education accepted in the past/:

PSCBW Current Acceptable CEHs Database 1.14.2024 (Adobe PDF for Download)


Since these lists are not exhaustive, the PSCBW would appreciate being notified about other sources by going to the Contact Us page.

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