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CPP Renewal 

The renewal process is designed to assist the CPP in maintaining and expanding competence. CPP credential holders are expected to submit their renewal materials 90 days prior to their expiration dateThe PSCBW will strive to send a reminder to the CPP credential holder at the CPP’s last known mailing or email address. It is the responsibility of the CPP to notify the PSCBW of any contact changes such as name, mailing address, email address and phone number. Changes can be sent via the Contact Us page. Lack of communication with the PSCBW about such changes could delay the renewal process.


Renewal Policy (Renewed every two years. Expiration dates occur on birth dates.)


Renewal Process CPP Required Renewal Documents and Online Fee Payment Links 


Click on the link below to identify acceptable education and trainings for CEUs:



Feel free to contact us with any questions or need of clarification.

CPP Renewal Application Process
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