CPP Renewal Requirements

Renewing Your Certification provides details about renewal requirements.  This includes various ways (such as attending a prevention training, teaching a prevention course, proctoring a Prevention Specialist Exam, etc.) to obtain hours needed for renewal.

To further assist renewal applicants, the PSCBW developed a list of previously approved trainings/classes/courses that have been accepted. 

Please see the May 2016 guidelines:


For online/distance learning Drug Education resources, please see the following possibilities:

The renewal candidate must complete and submit the CPP renewal application packet, along with proof of attendance:


In lieu of a certificate, the applicant may submit a completed affidavit, Word document Affidavit of Attendance. This affidavit is intended to be used on a limited basis and for special circumstances, such as in the case in which the conference/ training sponsor did not provide a Certificate of Completion.  

The Eligibility Committee will review the completed affidavit forms to determine whether these hours will be accepted.

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