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Apply to be a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP)

Application Process
Applications may be submitted at any time. The process generally takes 1.5 to 2 months for review. Accepted applications need to be approved by the Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington State (PSCBW) at a full board meeting.
Once the CPP portfolio is approved, the PSCBW Testing Chair pre-registers the applicant with IC&RC. The applicant then registers for the computer-based exam at a date and location organized by mutual agreement between the applicant and the testing company. See the sidebar for more information about exam prep and accommodations. After passing of the examination, the PSCBW will meet to discuss the candidate's application and testing outcome then will award the Certified Prevention Professional credential.

Please use the current CPP application below (same form provided in two formats) and follow the instructions contained in the application:



Please read and follow the directions carefully. The CPP candidate portfolio/application is provided as a Word document so you may save the document as a separate file then fill in the form fields. To access a PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader then should save the document to your computer. If you need to download the free Adobe Reader, go to A different Adobe program is needed to edit the document and save your information.


Please submit a check with your application - refer to the Fee Schedule for the amount. Or to pay by credit or debit card, please go to the Pay Online page (a processing fee may apply).

Please ensure your completed CPP application is submitted to the following address:

Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington

PO Box 7172

Spokane WA  99207 

The CPP application requirements and forms have been revised. The number of education hours required for the CPP have been reduced, sub-category requirements have been revised, and expiration dates for accepted education have been established. Details are provided on the CPP application form.

For a sample application, please see this file.

Potential applicants requested a listing of previously approved trainings/classes/courses that have been accepted.  Please see the following guidelines:


For online/distance learning Drug Education resources, please see the following possibilities:

Please also note, in lieu of a certificate, the applicant may submit a completed Affidavit of Attendance (PDF) or Affidavit of Attendance (Word).*  This affidavit is intended to be used on a limited basis and for special circumstances, such as in the case in which the conference/training sponsor did not provide a Certificate of Completion. The Eligibility Committee will review the completed Affidavit of Attendance forms to determine whether these hours will be accepted.

CPP Exam: Test Prep

For test prep related to the Written Prevention Specialist Exam, please refer to this webpage. This webpage includes a link to the Prevention Specialist Candidate Guide under the subheading "Candidate Guide, then Prevention Specialist" and information about a computer-based practice exam for prevention under the subheading "Practice Exams."


There is also a section for a new comprehensive study guide developed by Rhode Island. This guide is available for download for free from the IC&RC Exam Prep webpage as well at this link.


While these exam preparation materials cannot guarantee success in passing this exam, it can provide needed resources to assist you in your preparation.


For more information about test prep and other resources, please contact: Alan Zeuge, PSCBW Testing Chair, via email:

If you have a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and would like special accommodations to take the Prevention Specialist Exam, please complete and return the attached:

Special Exam Accommodations Request Form 

It must be returned to the PSCBW Testing Chair at least 60 days in advance of the scheduled exam date.

Exam Accommodations