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Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW)

Recognizing Certified Prevention Professionals (CPP) since 2002
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Renewal Requirements
Renewing Your Certification * , provides details about renewal requirements.  This includes various ways (such as attending a prevention training, teaching a prevention course, proctoring a Prevention Specialist Exam, etc.) to obtain hours needed for renewal.
To further assist renewal applicants, the PSCBW developed a list of previously approved trainings/classes/courses that have been accepted. Please see the September 2013 guidelines: Guidelines for Acceptable Trainings Rev  Sept  2013 final.doc (Word)* and Guidelines for Acceptable Trainings Rev  Sept  2013 final.pdf (Adobe PDF).* 
The renewal candidate must complete and submit the form, Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) Record of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), (Word document)or the CPP form (PDF document) along with proof of attendance.

In lieu of a certificate, the applicant may submit a completed affidavit, Word document Affidavit of Attendance*  This affidavit is intended to be used on a limited basis and for special circumstances, such as in the case in which the conference/ training sponsor did not provide a Certificate of Completion.  

The Eligibility Committee will review the completed affidavit forms to determine whether these hours will be accepted.


* NOTE: To access a Word file, it will appear in a new window. If you need to open or edit the Word file, a Microsft 365 login screen will appear then you should close that window and you will see the Word file.