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Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW)

Recognizing Certified Prevention Professionals (CPP) since 2002
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A Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) who does not complete the renewal procedures required every two years will have his/her certification automatically lapse.  This section addresses the recertification process for those who individuals whose certification had lapsed in Washington State or in another IC&RC jurisdiction and who are now interested in applying to regain their CPP or Certified Prevention Specialist credential.


Note: This is different than the normal renewal process every two years for CPPs. 


To regain certification status, the individual will be required to complete and submit the current fee and documentation required in the Recertification Application, specifically: 


  • Recertification Applicant Form Revised 12 13 2015 -- Click the hyperlink to open the document.
  • Code of Ethical Conduct for Prevention Professionals
  • Criminal History Background Check
  • Recertification Application:  Continuing Education/Clock Hours Form


If approved, recertification is granted for a two-year period.