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Prevention Specialist Certification Board of Washington (PSCBW)

Recognizing Certified Prevention Professionals (CPP) since 2002
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Why Become an Associate Prevention Professional (APP)?

Benefits for Prevention Professionals:


The Associate Prevention Professional (APP) is an entry level certification targeted toward students or beginning professionals who are learning prevention skills and entering the field. An APP is a professional that uses specific knowledge and skill sets to provide services and/or programs aimed at preventing or reducing problems caused by the use of alcohol and other drugs.  As the field of prevention expands, certified professionals are increasingly in demand.  Obtaining the APP credential will not only help with gaining access into the field of prevention, but also supports an applicant’s advancement in the field by directly supporting progress toward becoming a Certified Prevention Professional (CPP) in Washington State.

The certification serves to:


  • Establish professional standards
  • Promote continued professional development
  • Demonstrate your high level of commitment to the field of prevention
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement and/or for increased earnings


For more information about obtaining an APP, click here.